Training of farmers on Greenhouse Vegetable Production and Composting at Likoro CSV

Training of farmers on Greenhouse Vegetable Production and Composting at Likoro CSV

The training session took place in Likoro on October 3, 2023, and was designed to empower farmers with essential skills in Greenhouse Vegetable Production and Composting. The training began with a comprehensive presentation delivered by Eng. Arab, who highlighted the significance of Good Agronomic Practices (GAP) throughout the entire vegetable cultivation process, ranging from nursery management to greenhouse transplanting. The emphasis was on the selection of suitable varieties, effective water management, and prudent nutrient management to foster robust seedling growth.

Following the informative presentation, an interactive session allowed farmers to engage actively, ask questions, and share their insights, enhancing their understanding of the subject matter. This open dialogue served as a valuable platform for clarifying doubts and reinforcing key concepts.

Subsequently, the group visited a climate-smart village, where farmers gained practical experience in compost production through hands-on training. Notably, both women and youth actively participated in this vital aspect of sustainable farming, furthering their skills and knowledge.

The training event concluded with several farmers expressing their intention to apply the newly acquired knowledge on their individual farms, particularly during the upcoming dry season, to enhance agricultural production.

This training represents a significant step forward in equipping Likoro CSV farmers with essential skills and knowledge to improve their agricultural practices, promote sustainability, and ensure food security in the community and LGA.