AGRA KADUNA CONSORTIUM PROJECT farmers, CBAs and co-grantees exchange visit to Likoro CSV

As part of efforts to promote synergy among the grantee members and other field implementing partners, an open learning exchange visits to Likoro CSV was undertaken on Friday 25th August 2023.

The aim was to foster mutual learning experiences and improve the quality and effectiveness of the learning site concepts and embedded climate smart practices. The exchange visits also enable farmers-to-farmers and CBAs interaction as means of promoting participatory processes that could empower them to improve their skills, knowledge, adoption of sound technologies and climate smart practices. The resilience and GAP technologies demonstrated and showcased were:
maize strip with soya beans , maize strip with cowpea , soya bean conventional, maize conventional, maize no till (zero tillage), wet season SRI –direct seeding, wet season SRI – transplanted and tomatoes using compost manure.

Attendance: All the Kaduna consortium grantees (NAERLS, premier seeds, IITA, EXAF, pearl mutual were in attendance. Community based advisors and lead farmers from Zaria, Makarfi, Kudan, Sabongari and the host community farmers also attended the event. In all about 100 persons participated in the events.